Why opt for an authorised service?

Whether you are going to change the oil or repair your car after an accident, you always pay fixed rates at Škoda service centres so you know the price in advance. You have the assurance that the technicians are properly trained and that only top-quality original parts will be used.

Complete repair services

Authorised service partners can cope with all types of repairs: routine maintenance, specialised repairs, and even root-and-branch repairs following an accident.

Skilled experts

Your car will be in the hands of experts trained directly by Škoda Auto who know the models down to the last screw and have an exact time in which to complete each task.

Genuine parts

Rigorously tested Škoda Genuine Parts, distinguished by uncompromising quality, perfect compatibility, endurance and affordable pricing, are used for repairs.

Perfect convenience

Book online, report defects via an app and, after handing over your car, drive off in another one. When you come in for a service, you will not have any extra worries to deal with.

Choose from a range of services

Specialised repairsPost-accident careMaintenanceConvenience services

Panel beating shop

Paint shop

Interior repairs

Wheel Alignment

Perfect full-vehicle repair

Processing of formalities

Repair certificate

Regular maintenance

Wheel service

Additional services

Direct reception

Service cam

Courtesy vehicles

Vehicle pick-up and return


We will take care of everything to make eMobility as convenient as possible for you, from iV Charger installation to complete servicing.


Only high-quality spare parts that have been screened in rigorous testing will be used when your vehicle is serviced. The basic range comprises parts broken down into three types that cater exactly to your needs.


Parts of perfect quality, on which the same high demands are placed as on the reliability and safety of new ŠKODA vehicles.
Factory reconditioned parts for vehicles of any age.
Parts with a lower price, slightly fewer options and adjusted design features.
Get genuine ŠKODA parts through the NORA programme.


Authorised ŠKODA Service aims to offer you the widest possible range of quality services. Perfectly trained engineers with access to state-of-the-art technology can handle any requirement you may have, including the precision alignment of adaptive headlights and radars. A high emphasis on quality and excellent customer service can sometimes result in higher prices than those offered by unauthorised service centres. All partners are keen for you to receive the best possible service.

The duration of each service item is fixed by ŠKODA AUTO, so you will always know the price and duration of the service in advance. The overall time your car spends being serviced depends primarily on the difficulty and extent of the work to be done. You will always be given an estimate when booking the car in.

With an authorised service, you can be sure that your car will receive the best possible care. Service partners spend many hours at training sessions in order to learn about every ŠKODA model. Some more complex repairs and more demanding maintenance, such as repairing a car that has been in an accident or calibrating radars and sensors, can only be carried out by authorised service centres. At other service centres, they would be very difficult or impossible.

During a service, only high-quality parts that meet strict quality requirements are used. You can choose from several types of ŠKODA parts, depending on your exact needs: in addition to Genuine Parts (new parts of the highest quality), you can take your pick of reconditioned Exchange Parts or Economy Parts for vehicles more than four years old, which are more affordable.

You are, of course, free to choose where you have your vehicle serviced. However, authorised service partners are always recommended as they receive full training and are kept up-to-date. The guarantee remains valid, but if defects arise as a result of incorrect servicing, any remedial work would not be covered.

When you arrive at the service centre to pick up your car, the engineer will explain to you everything that has been done. Authorised service partners also guarantee that only rigorously tested parts are installed. Warranties will also remain in place throughout. If your car has been repaired following an accident, you will receive a certificate confirming the validity of all guarantees.


Find your nearest service centre, book simply online and return your ŠKODA to tiptop shape today.