Do you want to be sure your new Škoda will receive the best care for the next 3-5 years? Choose one of the attractive Škoda Service & Maintenance packages offering reliability, professionalism, value and comfort.


5 years from the time of putting vehicle into service, or until using the selected mileage limit, whichever is applicable what comes first.

Maximum mileage limit

Depending on your choice 60,000 km, 100,000 km, or 150,000 km.


Service cost guarantee

For 5 years you do not have to deal with changes in spare parts prices or labour. When purchasing car with financing, you have service spread out into individual instalments. Your wallet will not be burdened by unexpected costs.

Carefree service

You come, we will fix your car and you do not have to worry about anything else. And most importantly you do not pay for it. Your car will be serviced with the latest equipment and by regularly trained specialists.

Transparent car history

Pre-paid service increases the value of car when selling. This is passed on to the next owner. 

Top quality spare parts

For repair we use only the highest quality parts. So you have a guarantee of reliability and safety.

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