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Service & Maintenance

Basic Package

It includes service inspections prescribed by the manufacturer in the following scope:

Basic service inspection
first after 2 years, 30 000 km, then every 30 000 km, or 1 year

Extended service inspection
first after 3 years, 60 000 km, then every 60 000 km, or 2 years

Oil and oil filter change
depending on the vehicle service interval

Pollen filter
according to the type of car and engine after 2 years (30 000 or 60 000 km)

Air filter
according to the type of car and engine after 4 years (60 000 km) or 6 years (90 000 km)

Spark plugs
every 4 years (60 000 km)

Brake fluid
the first time after 3 years, then every 2 years

Haldex clutch oil (4WD cars) and differencial oil
every 3 years

Automatic transmission oil and oil filter
depending on the type of car only inspection or oil and filter change after 60,000 km (6° DSG) or 120,000 km (7° DSG)

Other actions according to the maintenance list:
inspection of the sunroof, towing equipment, inspection of the CNG system, etc.

Other minor material during service inspections:
washer fluid, screws, washers, regular bulbs (except xenon and LED), gaskets, etc.

Extending the mobility guarantee
(1 000 km toleration)