Let's Explore

Embark on a campaign about curiosity and making the most of life. Let each km be a chapter in your story, filled with shared laughter, nostalgic tales, and the promise of endless possibilities. It's about cherishing each moment, whether it's the km's spent on the open road or the shared experiences along the way. Just press the pedal and get ready for new explorations.

Make every km count

Everyone's odometer tells a different story, what is yours?

Kilometers on a Škoda odometer are not a measure of distance travelled, they're a measure of life lived. It measures experiences gained; opportunities seized, and curiosity followed. It measures feelings, moments, and stories. Lessons learned and questions answered. We want people to explore the world around them. Embrace their curiosity. Make every km count. 

Reasons to buy a Škoda

5-Star Safety Rating

Safety comes first in every Škoda. Explore every km with confidence with 5-star rating in child & adult safety. Begin with worry-free explorations, protected by Škoda's cutting-edge safety features, with advanced driver-assistance systems and robust structural integrity, every journey is securely shielded. Stay confident with innovative technologies dedicated to your protection.

Premium Interiors

Embrace the lap of luxury every time you drive with neat, high-precision interior and great attention to detail. From spacious interiors to ergonomic seating and advanced climate control, every detail is meticulously crafted with exemplary quality of workmanship and precision are hallmarks of all Škoda's for smooth and comfortable explorations.

Efficient TSI Engine

Explore the TSI engine range, where power meets efficiency. Enjoy turbocharged capabilities with smooth acceleration, striking the ideal balance between strength and sustainability. These high-torque engines offer exceptional handling and low fuel consumption across various models.

Simply Clever technology

Stay in control and connected with infotainment, cockpit, and connectivity at your fingertips as you explore new horizons. Experience smart features that elevate your journeys, from advanced navigation systems to driver-assistance technology. Škoda ensures a comfortable and informed driving experience.

Explore our Range

Škoda Kodiaq

Kodiaq makes its intentions clear from the very start, with striking design details, ensuring you’ll be driving an SUV that looks fantastic and performs just as well.

Škoda Kushaq

Škoda Kushaq’s impeccable design enhanced by complete LED system for uninterrupted exploration. Begin your exploration enveloped in unparalleled comfort and space. 

Škoda Karoq

Every journey can be the beginning of something. A valuable experience, a happy coincidence or a shared memory. And with the versatile Škoda Karoq, you can make those journeys comfortably.

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