Some seek adventure, while others revel in creativity. Some are carried by curiosity, motivation, and a free-spirited way of thinking; others are destined to become explorers and heroes. We are all driven by different things, but there’s one thing that binds us all together: the journey.

Ready for anything

At Škoda, we are passionate about heritage, passion, functional technology, and design. These are the things that drive us everyday, in our goal of helping you live a more open-minded, artistic, free, successful, or heroic life. It takes all sorts to realise true potential. See how we make it happen.

For the heroes

Not all of them wear capes, but most demand the best tools to do their best work. This is why we are dedicated to creating functional technology that helps you go above and beyond.


100 Years of Tradition: Škoda Ambulances

With or without a blue beacon, ambulance vehicles built upon Škoda cars have been saving lives for more than 110 years. Discover how the state-of-the-art emergency Kodiaq follows in the wheel tracks of its predecessors.

I Get a Charge out of Seeing How My Work Helps People

They get called out to critical situations to save human lives. The car carrying them to the injured must be both speedy and reliable. Let’s take a closer look at the work of paramedics.

I’d Never Eat in My Car

He is responsible for a fleet of over a hundred police and intervention cars, but no detail is ever lost on Adjutant Jean-Philippe Jaquier. Where does his love of cars come from? And what makes a car a good police car?

For the creative

Inspiration fuels new ideas, and it can come in all shapes and sizes – from delicate lines to crisp curves. Our design philosophy is expressive, emotionally charged, and undeniably functional. For us it’s a work of art.


8 Steps to a New Concept Car

The Vision E had its premiere in Shanghai, and its design has already received loads of positive response. In this connection, one may ask how such design solutions, both interior and exterior, are born?

Design Creates Emotion

Oliver Stefani is Škoda’s chief designer. As he’s always drawing at work, it’s hardly surprising that he also sketched some of his answers in his interview with Škoda Storyboard.

Meet the Style: Škoda Color & Trim Design Team

Perfect proportions and handsome forms are the basis of every successful design. To bring out the overall impression in just the right way, however, one always needs to add just that something extra. Meet the real masters in harmonizing colors and materials.

For the free spirits

Sometimes you’ve got to take the road less travelled – even if that means going off road completely. We are passionate about functional technology that puts you in control, so needn’t be held back – ever.


Behind the Scenes: Into the Sun with a Smile

Ladies and gentlemen, willkommen, bienvenue and welcome! You are invited to join at the historic Barrandov studios in Prague, Czech Republic, to witness how Škoda and Cirque du Soleil® start their partnership.

Let Your Spirit Flow

Has a seemingly pointless architectural landmark found its purpose? Martin Dražil, a Czech flatland rider, has conquered the Prague sculpture known as the “hippo’s bathtub” or the “elephant feeder”.

Laughter is Indeed the Best Medicine

Clowndoctors bring the medicine of laughter and happiness to sick children and seniors. In this manner, they help provide relief from difficulties associated with sickness or old age, and they can reignite the spark in everyone’s eyes. Read here how they do it.

For the motivated

Get up, gear up, and go: reaching the end destination requires motivation. Our unwavering passion for mobility means that no matter what you want to accomplish, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.


Catching Breath. The Himalayan Challenge

A quartet of indomitable cyclists set off to break a record on the route from Leh to Khardung La in India. One of the highest road passes in the world, it tested them severely: an elevation of more than 1,800 meters for 40 kilometres, oxygen deprivation, and brutal weather.

Why We Ride: From Punk to Biker

Sometimes the road to big turning points in our lives is littered with strings of coincidences. Just ask Ireland’s Orla Walsh, whose future was transformed forever by her dad’s old bike.

The Tour de France at First Hand

The world’s most difficult cycling race can do incredible things to the psyche and stamina of athletes, even during a single stage. Read the story of an enthusiast who accepted the challenge to conquer at least one of the Tour de France’s stages.

For the adventurous

Every open road is an invitation to experience something new – all you need is the best seat in the house. Wherever you are and wherever you are going, we invite you to indulge in the thrill of driving.

Škoda Motorsport

The Art of Speed. Pontus Tidemand and Octavia RS 245

Speed is energy. It’s a tremendous force that requires respect. Controlling it is nothing less than an art. Once you do, though, you can use it to reach your goals. To become a world champion in rally, for example, or a respected artist.

Taxi! The Zesty Fabia R5 Raced Passengers through Prague

A big spoiler, cracking tailpipe, and a protective frame. A sight not yet witnessed by the residents and visitors of pre-Christmas Prague.

Kodiaq Is First Škoda to Complete the Dakar Rally

Škoda Kodiaq was among those completing this year’s 40th annual running of the legendary Dakar Rally. The SUV completed the course of the desert race across South America without modifications, in its serial-production form.

For the curious

Forward-thinking ideas often have roots in the past. Just like you, we appreciate where we’ve come from, as it helps us move forward. Our 120-year heritage continues to inspire us on our journey towards the future of mobility.


The Future of E-mobility

Electric drive is hardly new. In fact, you may be surprised just how far back it goes. Looking forward, though, there are way more interesting things in store for it!

Travelling Coins Celebrate Škoda Heritage

Can the rich history of the Škoda brand team up with modern geocaching? Of course it can! That’s why we’re creating historical travelling coins. How are these unique geocoins created and what legendary vehicles will the Škoda Heritage coins represent?

Virtual Walk through Historical Prague

Car manufacturer Škoda offered a history field trip. But not only into their own past, which can be admired in the museum. The ride through Prague of days past offers not only an elegant vintage car but also look at the Czech capital during the first half of the 20th century.

For the explorers

It might sound like contradiction, but venturing into the unknown often relies on tried-and-tested tools. Our focus on functional technology means that you won’t be let down when conquering the next big, bold thing.

Simply Clever

From Noisy Mumbai to Open Skies

Paragliding is an adrenaline sport that’s perfect for clearing your head. Thirty-three-year-old Sachin Pathare fell in love with it because it gave him an escape from the noisy and chaotic Indian city he calls home. Come and take to the skies with us.

Adventure in the Shadow of Mount Etna

They call her Mamma Etna. To the inhabitants of the eastern part of Sicily, the still-active volcano is a neighbour they sometimes fear. Nevertheless, they enjoy living on the slopes strewn with black rocks.

The Cliff Whisperer

Hardly anyone knows that Mallorca is one of Europe’s best climbing destinations. Climber Sebastián Álvarez knows exactly how multifaceted and truly breathtaking the cliffs are.

For everyone

Pick out the car that best suits your needs: A city runaround, a practical compact car, a stylish SUV in two sizes, all the way through to an impressive executive vehicle.